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April 26, 2016

Manchester City vs. Real Madrid: Clubs Face Off in 1st Leg of UEFA Champions League Semifinal Match

Manchester City, unbeaten in five matches, is making its debut in a Champions League semifinal match, while Real Madrid, currently on a five-match win streak, makes its 27th appearance at this stage.

Manchester City play in the last four of the Champions League for the first time on Tuesday but find 10-time winners Real Madrid standing between them and a place in the final.

Manuel Pellegrini’s preference would have been to play the first leg of their tie with the Spanish side at the Bernabeu but must make do with a home match instead.

The teams’ only previous competitive meetings were in the group stage of the 2012/13 competition, with City leading [...]

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April 13, 2016

Champions League Highlights Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg | Man City vs PSG

There were two goalscoring UEFA Champions League quarter-final heroes on Tuesday night, and both match-winners deserve the plaudits that come their way.

Heres the highlights for Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg –

Cristiano Ronaldo was left to marvel in his own brilliance after scoring a sensational hat-trick to guide Real Madrid to a famous comeback win. “A perfect, magical night.”

“Goals are in my DNA” beamed Cristiano Ronaldo and who can argue? The 31-year-old reckoned he had just about a “perfect, magical night” as he scored a stunning hat-trick to complete a famous ‘remontada’ (comeback) as Real Madrid beat [...]

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August 3, 2015

He Bought What???!!

So imagine you are the best man at the wedding of your best mate. You have your speech all sorted, a few embarrassing stories and done all your other duties for the day. So you have one last thing to do, give the lucky couple a gift.

Well for most of us we wouldn’t be able to match up to Cristiano Ronaldo….

He got Jorge Mendes a Greek Island. Who buys someone a Greek Island seriously!

Greece are selling a number of Islands in order to recover some of the debt the country has acquired in its financial crisis.


Credit Ronaldo


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