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September 10, 2015

WhatsApp: Security Flaw Discovered in Messaging App, Firm Says

No one can deny the fact that most of us enjoy chatting via WhatsApp and stay connected. WhatsApp Web and free voice calls have been the main attraction these days.

WhatsApp has around 200 million users who prefer using the WhatsApp Web version. The web version of WhatsApp allows you to chat using your desktop, instead of getting disturbed on continuous WhatsApp pings on your smartphone, while working on other important projects/assignments. Keeping aside the convenience element of WhatsApp Web, the browser is easily vulnerable to bugs. Latest media reports state that security experts claim that WhatsApp Web users could easily have their security and devices [...]

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August 13, 2015

Facebook scrapped a student’s internship after he exposed a major privacy flaw

Harvard student Aran Khanna was denied his chance to intern at Facebook after the company learned that one of his creations exposed a critical flaw in its Messenger service, reports

In May, Khanna released Marauder’s Map, a Chrome extension that used location data to show you exactly where your friends were. It was downloaded 85,000 times in three days, before Facebook asked him to disable it.

Facebook also disabled location sharing from desktops and subsequently updated Messenger for mobile, giving users the option to control their GPS data. Prior to that, the app had been sharing users’ locations by default since it launched in 2011.

Khanna was then [...]

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August 5, 2015

What a Muppet

What is the worst way a celebrity couple can break up? A massive press conference? No not for one couple. Miss Piggy has announced on Facebook

“After careful thought, thoughtful consideration and considerable squabbling, Kermit the Frog and moi have made the difficult decision to terminate our romantic relationship. We will continue to work together on television (“The Muppets”/Tuesdays 8pm this fall on ABC) and in all media now known or hereafter devised, in perpetuity, throughout the universe. However, our personal lives are now distinct and separate, and we will be seeing other people, pigs, frogs, et al. This is our only comment on this private matter… unless we get [...]

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August 3, 2015

He Bought What???!!

So imagine you are the best man at the wedding of your best mate. You have your speech all sorted, a few embarrassing stories and done all your other duties for the day. So you have one last thing to do, give the lucky couple a gift.

Well for most of us we wouldn’t be able to match up to Cristiano Ronaldo….

He got Jorge Mendes a Greek Island. Who buys someone a Greek Island seriously!

Greece are selling a number of Islands in order to recover some of the debt the country has acquired in its financial crisis.


Credit Ronaldo


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