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The OnePlus X is coming!

The OnePlus X is coming!

by Hashtag Daily TrendsOctober 15, 2015

The OnePlus 2 looks like a budget wonder so far, but OnePlus is struggling to get its latest handset into people’s hands – still, it seems the Chinese company is already pushing forward with its next phone, which looks set to be called the OnePlus X. You won’t have long to wait either, as it’s set to be revealed later this month on October 29!

According to OnePlus’ Chinese blog, the company is set to reveal its next phone on October 29, and it looks set to be another low-cost entry in OnePlus’ well priced line-up. OnePlus has already confirmed to Bloomberg that a third handset is on the way this year, but it’s not clear where this new phone will sit in OnePlus’ current range.

Earlier this month, an unnamed OnePlus handset popped up in a US FCC filing, showing off a 5.5-inch phone that looks quite similar to Apple’s iPhone range, and includes a 1.9GHz processor along with your usual Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi. While it’s not been confirmed this is OnePlus’ upcoming phone, it could be a quick glimpse into what’s coming up next – and it looks wildly different from the curvy OnePlus Two we’re now used to.

Stay tuned for more info on OnePlus’ brand new phone!

Credits:  GadgetShow

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