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First Assassin’s Creed Movie Picture

First Assassin’s Creed Movie Picture

by Hashtag Daily TrendsAugust 28, 2015

The first image of Michael Fassbender (Promethues, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Inglourious Basterds) in costume for the Assassin’s Creed movie has been released.

Posted on Yahoo, the image shows Fassbender as Callum Lynch, a character the website says has been created specifically for the movie. The Hollywood adaptation will introduce brand new characters to the same world, instead of depicting familiar figures on the big screen.

In the movie, Lynch discovers he is a descendant of the Assassin’s and can unlock genetic memories that allow him to relive memories of Aguilar, a 15th Century Spanish assassin of the same bloodline as his.

Like Desmond from the Assassin’s Creed video game series, Lynch is preparing to take on the Knight’s Templar in the present day.

Fassbender will be joined in Assassin’s Creed by Oscar winner Marion Cotillard (The Dark Knight Rises). The duo also star opposite each other in the upcoming cinematic version of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The two films also share the same director in Justin Kurzel.

Meet Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch in Assassin’s Creed.


Also starring in the film is Michael Kenneth Williams (12 Years a Slave) and Ariane Labed (Before Midnight).

In February 2015, Ubisoft announced the Assassin’s Creed movie has officially entered production and would begin soon. The movie, which is produced by New Regency and 20th Century Fox, is scheduled to hit theaters on December 21, 2016, just one week after the first Star Wars spinoff movie Star Wars: Rogue One.

Discussing the film previously, Fassbender said the Assassin’s Creed will be respectful of the game. At the same time, however, he added that “we also want to bring new elements to it and perhaps our own vision of things that already exist in the game.”

Assassin’s Creed publisher Ubisoft a total of five other movies based on its properties planned. These include films based on Far Cry, Rabbids, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon. Ubisoft retains creative control on all of these through its Ubisoft Motion Pictures group.

Credits: Yahoo, Gamespot

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