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Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight

by Charlie KnowlesJuly 27, 2015

Its here ladies & gentlemen. The last installment of the Arkham series brought to us across multi-platforms from Rocksteady Studios. Visually graphics in general have come along way since we saw the release of the visually stunning Batman: Arkham Asylum back in 2009, being released on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 & Microsoft Windows. The series which has span a lifetime of 6 years which saw 3 games released with 2 going on to being reissued as a Game of the Year editions, so in retrospect its not had a bad run. Especially during a time when one of the greatest Batman Series was captivating the hearts of people on the big screen.

Arkham Knight

As we came to expect with the second installment of the series Arkham City; we continued to get the very vast city of Arkham where we would squander so many hours searching for them pesky Riddler trophies, dive bombing to see how long we could glide for just to take in the incredible landscape that Rocksteady had given us.

We got this again in the Last installment however this time it was more breath taking with finer detail being added thanks to the new generation consoles (Xbox One & Playstation 4). Whilst the story is something we would come to expect of such an anticipated game, we are graced with extensive side missions & extra downloadable content. The game play it’s self is much more smoother than fans can expect, however that is due to the extensive capabilities of the latest consoles.

We get to see Batman take on his most famous counterparts in the shapes of Scarecrow, The Penguin, Two-Face, The Riddler, Deadshot just to name a few. Different stages of the game require gamer’s to change tactics between combat & predator mode.

Least we Forget…The Batmobile

We have all be waiting for it, so you can imagine everyone’s excitement when the images got leaked way before the game was released. It is everything every Batman fan could want it to be, from cannon fire to driving up and down walls (not to mention the sleek design). Bruce Wayne must of put his hand in his pocket and that’s just for the upgrades let alone the vehicle itself!



The driving style of this monster machine can be a little tricky to adapt to if you have been playing classic driving games however this is to be expected as lets face it we just want to smash things in this game.

Final Thoughts

Having played the game relentlessly whenever I got the chance, the game can be quite challenging with some of the challenges relying on having certain upgrades for when you want to go them. That’s not to say it takes anything away from the game. Lets be honest with ourselves if they were easy all the time then we would just not bother. This is one of the great sign offs to a game series compared to some of the others series out there.


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